Why Rtemisia?

Ultimately, to help people heal without the use of chemicals. Rtemisia began with the passion to provide people with unique alternative herbal medicine remedies. Combining the modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and Western Herbalism, Rtemisia offers herbal products such as tinctures, tea blends, oxymels, infused honeys, various medicinal skin products, and more. These products can be used for a range of health ailments. Rtemisia’s products are proudly made with certified organic, garden grown, wildforaged, and/or local Sunshine Coast British Columbia Canada ingredients.

Our Values

Good Health

Rtemisia’s main and most important value is to make an impact by helping people heal. They help achieve this by bringing the body gently back into balance with specific herbal products that suit individual needs

Rtemisia must work to build their customer’s trust so they are undoubtedly confident in using their products throughout their healing journey. Trust is the basis for a good customer relationship, showing that there are educated people behind their products that truly care to make a difference.

Rtemisia’s ingredients are either certified organic, wild-foraged, or locally garden-grown, so respecting the local environment is a key. They also aim to continue their road to sustainability by investing in environmentally conscience packaging.

Staying curious is important for cultivating creativity and developing new products for the Rtemisia brand. They strive to always be improving to better meet their client’s needs. This allows the business to always be open to evolving.

Providing a foundation of product education is important to the Rtemisia brand as their goal is to ensure clients know exactly how their products benefit their health, educating them to the why and how on their intended purpose.

Rtemisia aims to provide the best quality products which are hand-made to order in small batches. They ensure quality by creating custom formulas as well as carefully selecting quality ingredients. Additionally, their products are made potent to have a therapeutic effect which shows value to the consumer’s healing

Our Goals

1. Guide people on their healing journey by finding them the best Rtemisia product for their health needs.

2. Educate customers of the healing benefits behind each product so they fully understand the “why” with scientific evidence to back up claims.