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Allergy Remedy Tincture

Allergy Remedy Tincture

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This formula is used as a preventative and/or during the allergy season to down-grade and regulate the histamine reaction seen with seasonal allergies, i.e. runny nose, runny eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing, etc.

Actions: Anti-allergenic, astringent, decongestant, tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, immuno-modulating, diuretic
Dosage: 25-50 drops into a small amount of water 3x/day, for acute or consistent use
Herbs: Nettle leaf*, Licorice*, Osha, Mullein*, Elecampane*, Ephedra, Schizandra*, Coptis, Angelica* (*organic ingredients, g/f, v)     
Ethanol, distilled water 1:4 tincture
60ml size

Cautions: Adult use only, contains ethanol, not to be used at the same time as antibiotics/diuretics/other allergy medications. Not to be used with blood-thinning medications without professional consultation. Take 1-2 hours away from other pharmaceuticals/herbals/supplements and/or consult a medical professional about interactions that may occur.

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, store in a cool dark place, expiry is 5-7years depending on storage and formulation type, expiry outlined on bottle.

Pairing Products:  This item pairs with Rtemisia's other allergy products, 'Breathe-Vapo Chest Salve', 'Eczema Salve', 'Lung Immunity' Tea Blend, 'Allergies' Nettle Glycerate, 'Detox' Acetic infusion, 'Defense' Tincture, 'TCM Defense' Tincture

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to drop us an email and a Certified Herbalist will get back to you within 2 business days.

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