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Cramps Be Gone Topical Serum

Cramps Be Gone Topical Serum

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'Cramps Be Gone' Topical Serum is a blend of herbal tinctures, carrier oils, and essential oils, used to lessen the discomfort of menstrual cramping. A small amount is applied to the lower abdomen and allowed to absorb.  This product can be applied multiple times per day and has been tested on clients with endometriosis and fibroids resulting in positive reviews.

The main carrier oil in Rtemisia's 'Cramps Be Gone' Topical Serum is organic castor oil.  Castor oil naturally increases circulation and blood flow to the area to which it is applied.  This product is used for this purpose and to maintain the integrity of other herbal ingredients as well as help them absorb into the lower abdomen.

Jamaican Dogwood tincture (Piscidia piscipula 1:4) is the main tincture blended into this product and has been traditionally used for treating nerve pain and menstrual cramping due to its antispasmodic and nervine actions.

Rose tincture (Rose damascena 1:4) helps to reduce muscle cramping associated with menstruation due to its mild circulatory and warming actions.

Essential oils of clary sage, lavender, and ginger, for muscle relaxation and circulation as well.

Actions:  Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Mild Circulatory stimulant, Nervine, Vulnerary, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory

Adult dose: A small amount is applied to the skin as needed, Not to be used in pregnancy or breastfeeding

Child dose: Not for use on children

Herbs: Jamaican Dogwood tincture (Piscidia piscipula 1:4), Rose tincture (Rose damascena 1:4), essential oils - clary sage, lavender, ginger

Organic castor oil, organic unrefined sunflower seed oil, rosehip oil

Ratio 1:1 (carrier oils to tinctures/essential oils blend)

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE, the product naturally separates

*always apply a small test patch and leave for 24 hours before more extensive use

Cautions: Not to be used with seed or nut allergies, not to be used on/in deep open or infected wounds/burns, discontinue use if irritation or allergic reaction occurs. Keep out of eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes. Not to be used internally, topical use only.  Not to be used on children or with pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Storage: Store out of direct sunlight or heatexpiry is 2-3 years depending on storage and formulation type, expiry is outlined on the bottle.

Pairing Products:  'Cramps Be Gone' Tea blend, 'Calendula-honey Healing Salve', 'Awesome Antiseptic Salve', 'Nervous System Calming Oil', 'Eczema Salve', 'Muscle Pain Away Liniment', all other Rtemisia products

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to email us and a Certified Herbalist will get back to you within 2 business days.




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