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Elderberry Immunity Blend Syrup

Elderberry Immunity Blend Syrup

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Elderberry Syrup Blend - Alcohol-Free

Rtemisia's tasty and effective take on a traditional herbal syrup brings the immuno-stimulating and immunomodulating benefits of elderberry and echinacea.

The elderberry (Sambucas nigra) is slow-extracted to release its medicinal constituents, specifically focusing on maintaining the integrity of the flavonoids (anthocyanins), which have been toted in studies to help with the prevention and treatment of respiratory illnesses. 

Echinacea purpurea, is one of the herbal medicines of indigenous Americans and was widely used in Eclectic medicine in the 19th century for being toted as a 'wonder root' for its use with inflammatory and infectious illnesses.

Rtemisia's Elderberry Immunity blend goes a step further than just simply elderberry and echinacea alone, it combines local wild-flower honey (for its immune-boosting effects), elderflower (for its diaphoretic properties), and ginger root (for its circulatory properties) to offer a well-balanced formula that is safe and effective for children and sensitive people to use daily.

Actions: Immuno-stimulant, Anti-viral, Immuno-modulating, Anti-inflammatory, Diaphoretic, Circulatory stimulant

General Dosage:  (Preventative use) 7.5ml (1/2 tbsp) can be taken straight or in hot water/tepid water 2-3x/day.

Therapeutic Dosage: (Onset of cold/flu symptoms) 15ml (1 tbsp) can be taken straight, added to hot water/tepid water 3-4x/day for 5-7 days until symptoms subside.

Children's dose: 1/4 dose of the general or therapeutic adult dose originally outlined, is not to be given to children under the age of 2.

Herbs:  Elderberry, Echinacea purpurea, Elderflower, Ginger root

Distilled water, Local Honey, Organic citric acid preservative
Ratio 1:1:1 (Water to Honey to Herbs blend)

100ml, 250ml available

*Shake well before use

Cautions: Not to be used with blood-thinning medications and/or immunosuppressants without healthcare professional consultation. Not to be used by people with diabetes, due to its honey content, this product will increase blood sugar levels. This product contains honey and should not be used by children under the age of 2 due to the potential for all honey to contain bacteria that may cause a form of infant botulism. Take 1 hour away from pharmaceuticals and other supplements.

Storage:  Store in the refrigerator, expiry is labeled on the bottle and is based on the date of manufacture, this product is a made-to-order product to ensure the highest quality product to be shipped to our customers.

Pairing Products:  This item pairs with Rtemisia's other cold/flu/reduce-infection/increase immunity items, 'Lung Immunity Tea Blend', 'Get it Out' Decongestant Tincture Formula, 'Defense' Tincture, 'TCM Defense' Tincture, 'Mushroom Boost' Tincture, 'Breathe-Vapo Chest Salve', 'Fire Cider' Oxymel

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to email us and a Certified Herbalist will get back to you within 2 business days.




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