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'I don't want to get sick' First Signs Formula Tincture

'I don't want to get sick' First Signs Formula Tincture

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This fast-acting herbal formula is to be used when there are first signs of a cold or flu (specifically with the onset of fever), i.e. fever, chills, tiredness, sore throat, body aches, etc.

Actions: Anti-microbial, antibiotic, vasodilator, antipyretic, cholagogue, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, immuno-modulating, expectorant
Dosage:  50 drops into a small amount of water 4-5x/day with the start of cold/flu symptoms, continue at 50 drops 2-3x/day until symptoms start, take for 1-2days after cold/flu symptoms cease.  For acute use.
Herbs:  Coptis*, Myrrh*, Thyme*, Echinacea purpurea*, Wild Indigo root*, Poke root* (*organic ingredients, g/f, v)
Ethanol, distilled water 1:4 tincture
60ml size

Cautions: Adult use only, contains ethanol, not to be used at the same time as antacid medications or antibiotics/antivirals. Not to be used with blood-thinning medications without professional consultation. Take 1-2 hours away from other pharmaceuticals/herbals/supplements and/or consult a medical professional about interactions that may occur.  Not to be used with ulcers, gastritis, emaciation, bile-duct obstruction, severe diarrhea, or lymphomas/lymph gland disorders.  Not for long-term use (over 10 days). Bloating and gas may occur and should cease after stopping the formula.

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, store in a cool dark place, expiry is 5-7years depending on storage and formulation type, expiry outlined on bottle.

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If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to drop us an email and a Certified Herbalist will get back to you within 2 business days.

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